The Digital Archaeology Toolkit

The #digarchtoolkit on OSF

The Digital Archaeology Toolkit was a collaborative project that aimed to curate a crowd-sourced list of digital resources and tools for archaeological research, teaching, and publishing. Built atop these crowd-sourced resources, this project aimed to curate multiple “deployable” digital toolkits to address particular research problems and workflows in archaeology. This project was disrupted by COVID-19 and contingent labor conditions.

Bryn Mawr History of Women in Science Project

Interactive Map & Data Explorer

This Shiny app was built as part of the 2017-2018 pilot phase of the Bryn Mawr HoWiS Project, led by Dr. Jessica Linker (Bryn Mawr College). It visualizes a datataset focused on women who studied STEM fields while at Bryn Mawr College in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and encourages users to explore the career paths and global impact of women in science after they left Bryn Mawr. [NB: basemap now missing.]

Carpenter Carrel Project

Carto Map

This interactive map of Carpenter Library at Bryn Mawr College allows users to explore a snapshot of the number and range of books housed at each study carrel. The collaborative project was created in Carto by the 2017 Digital Scholarship Graduate Assistants as a way to visualize the distribution of books checked out to students in the Classics, Archaeology, and History of Art departments. [NB: basemap now missing.]

ArcGIS StoryMaps

Story Map Swipe – 2016 National Election Voting % by Gender

Story Map Journal – A Guide to the Buffalo Pan-American Exposition of 1901

Zotero Group Libraries

UCR Library Digital Scholarship

UB Digital Scholarship


Classical & Near Eastern Archaeology Collab

BMC Digital Scholarship Learning Communities – R Resources